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2 years ago

I Love the DEWALT DW703 Compound Miter Saw. Read My Review


Note: This is a review, click here to visit the DEWALT DW703 site.

I bought this saw last Summer and have used it nearly every week since. I have been using to cut coping, crowns, molding, door jams, wanscotting, PVC/CPVC piping... you name it.


Here the benefits:

- It has ALWAYS worked, and worked well.

- Original blade has stayed sharp for hundreds of cuts.

- Blade stops fairly quickly when trigger is released (yes, there are faster-stoppping blade mechanisms out there.)

- Fairly easy to carry one-handed, and can fit through interior doorways.

- Arm can be locked/stowed in the down position for carrying and protecting the blade within the kerf.

- Kerf is easily replacable.


- I bent the fence. I didn't know I could, and I certainly didn't know I could with a hand-sized piece of soft pine! (The blade hit a cement-like knot in the wood and rammed it into the left fence, bending it a 16th of an inch.)

- Unless the saw in on the edge of the bench you will find the miter release clip nearly touching the benchtop. I was using this saw on the floor and found the clip to bit awkward to press. (Nothing major, just an annoyance.)

- TRUE miter cuts are not out-of-the-box. I suggest buying a GOOD miter gauge and setting your blade to the gauge, NOT theirs. Mine is less than 1-degree off (and that's before I bent the fence.) My 45's were more like 44.7's. Now I set the blade to the gauge and there is no problem.

- I could use another foot or two on the cord. I know 99% of use use it with an extension cord, but what would it hurt to give us another 50-cents in wire anyway?

I HIGHLY recommend this saw for all of the do-it-yourselfers out there. Just remember to get a fine-toothed blade for those finnishing cuts.

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